Every year, SERVICE launches a brand-new edition of SERVICE Magazine. The magazine was founded together with the study association, with its first release in 1994. Like other study- and faculty magazines, the SERVICE Magazine is raised to inform students about the developments in the discipline of Real Estate Management. Nowadays, the magazine has grown into a publication for students, alumni and real estate professionals. The circulation is still growing, reaching over 1400 people.   

A wide range of subjects concerning the real estate markets are involved in the magazine. Some examples of possible topics are real estate management, area development, investments in real estate, and facility management. In this way, SERVICE Study Association aims to contribute to the widening and deepening of knowledge on the one hand, and improving the knowledge of the master track Urban Systems & Real Estate at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) amongst the country on the other hand.

SERVICE Magazine is a free publication distributed to students, alumni, real estate professionals, relatives of the master track, and numerous companies that participate in the field of real estate. The magazine is composed every year by a committee of both master and bachelor real estate students. More information about the current editors can be found here.

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