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The build environment is a mix between theory and practice, between thinking and doing. You learn to create houses, neighborhoods, museums, offices, etc. together with others. You do this in a multidisciplinary way. Design, technology and process are the common thread within the major. Architecture is also a multiscale degree program. You are concerned with the level of detail, for example in the field of building materials or acoustics. But you also learn to look at the macro level at the big picture in the built environment. For more information, visit the following sites:

Bachelor Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

Study guide Bachelor


The master track Urban Systems and Real Estate (USRE) is concerned with the management and development of real estate itself and of cities as a whole, and with the development of systems to support designers and policymakers. The focus of the master track is therefore on two levels: the functioning of the city as a whole and of the separate components of the city, such as the local housing market, shopping areas and public space. The way in which these various components are connected will also receive attention. Understanding and predicting these levels makes it possible to develop smarter cities. For more information, visit the following sites:

Master Architecture, Building and Planning

Mastertrack Urban Systems and Real Estate

Study guide Master


The graduation project is the main focus of the second year of the master. Due to the width of the total focus area of ​​real estate management, there are sufficient options for choosing a graduation theme. The condition is that the theme fits within the research program of the chair. In addition to fundamental, this also involves applied scientific research. Old graduation reports from USRE and REMD can be requested via our database.

In consultation with the graduation teacher, it is possible to carry out the graduation project externally at a company. An attempt will be made to coordinate the subject with the research program of the chair on the one hand and the interests of the company on the other. If desired, the lecturers can help with making contacts in the business community. SERVICE also sees a task for itself in this regard by maintaining internship vacancies. However, the student is responsible for making these contacts and for any conversations. Contacts with companies are further shaped by the intensive collaboration between the chair and the study association SERVICE.