An important goal of SERVICE is to introduce Eindhoven real estate students at the TU / e in a formal and informal way to an ever-changing real estate world. SERVICE acts as an intermediary between students and the business community. This is done, for example, by publishing the magazine and organizing in-house days at real estate-related companies and organizations. In addition, SERVICE focuses not only on the Dutch real estate market, but also visits a metropolis every year. A special activity of SERVICE is therefore the annually recurring study trip abroad.

The formal activities that SERVICE organizes include topics that are currently relevant in the real estate market and address future trends. In addition to the educational activities that SERVICE organizes, attention is also paid to the informal aspect. For example, during the academic year there are various drinks and activities such as a pub quiz or an evening of bowling. This is to promote and improve contact between students and between teachers and students.

The following activities can be expected from SERVICE every year:

  • A multi-day excursion to a city with many special developments in the field of Urban Systems & Real Estate. This could include a restructuring of an area or interesting new construction projects.
  • Several in-house days, during which we visit a USRE-related company with a group of students to get a good picture of the company during the day. The company gives us insight into the activities and provides a case in which the students can get a taste of the activities.
  • The annual study trip abroad organized by SERVICE aims to introduce students to real estate and urban systems practice in another country. This usually ten-day trip includes an extensive educational formal program and of course plenty of fun informal activities. In recent years, trips have been undertaken to different parts of the world. SERVICE has visited cities such as Singapore, Shanghai, Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Tallinn and Riga in the past. The organization for the next study trip is already in full swing!

If you want to stay informed throughout the year, you can follow theĀ SERVICE Google Calendar. This shows all activities by SERVICE throughout the year.