Aside from the yearly board, committees are established each year to both provide SERVICE Magazine with quality content as well as to organise a successful study trip and activities. Are you interested in one of these functions? Please let us know by sending an e-mail to

Editors SERVICE magazine 2021-2022

As a member of the editor committee, you are the creator of one of the most renowned real estate magazines in the Netherlands. The magazine aims towards providing topics with scientific and course-related relevance and currently has 1,400 subscribers. As a member of the committee, you search for interesting topics, authors and you provide possible feedback to the articles. Note that the editions of SERVICE magazine will be completely in Dutch.

Joep Dirx Chief editor
Jasper Poel Editor
Lianne Willekers Editor
Dennis Andreoli Editor
Jesper van Duijnhoven Editor
Britt van de Laar Editor


Activity committee 2021-2022

During the academic year, several formal and informal activities will be organised for the members of SERVICE. Previous years included activities such as: Wine tasting, bowling, pub quizzes, and several drinks. The committee also organises yearly inhouse days, lunch lectures and the SERVICE Symposium. The activity committee is responsible for the organisation and execution of these activities

Max van de Casteel Chairman
Huiyi Tong Secretary
Sander Troost Treasurer
Rebecca Smits Committee member
Fien Kat Committee member
Bregje Schulten Committee member
Robin Wout Committee member
Jonar Nikkels Committee member


Study Trip committee 2021-2022

Every year, study association SERVICE organizes an elaborate study trip abroad. It is a good way to get to know the working method, business culture, and mentality of real estate companies and the real estate market of other countries. Subjects as project development, social housing, asset and property management, mobility, and trends on the field of among others leisure will be covered. This year, the study trip will go to Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid.

Luc SnoerenChairman
Tim CrijnsSecretary
Joppe van VeghelCommittee member
Francien ZwieteringCommittee member
Kees-Jan van den BoschCommittee member
Diane NelissenCommittee member