CONNECTED: Interactive Drink with USRE Students

  • What would you like as a USRE student next to your education? Do you miss contact with the professional world and fellow students and/or information on the direction of USRE or on studying abroad? During CONNECTED, we would like your input on these questions. Do you live in Eindhoven, then sign up here to also receive free craft beers at home!
  • 11-03-2021 / 20:00 - 11-03-2021 / 23:00
  • Online (link via subscription)

This year we are working at SERVICE with 18 students for all USRE bachelor and USRE master students. We try to minimize the gap between your study and your career after your study with our partners. We try to inform you on all relevant developments on the faculty. We try to support you in your study with our course and graduation database. We try to make your time at the university fun with all our activities. However, in order to keep doing that we need your input!

For this we organize CONNECTED. After a brief update on our activities we will setup an interactive drink in which several topics can be discussed in small groups. If you are a USRE bachelor or master student, then we want to hear your voice so do not hesitate to join the event!

Do you live in Eindhoven and would you like to have free Craft Beers delivered to you? Then please sign up via this form: