Interim Colloquia USRE

  • Every month, Graduate students of Urban Systems and Real Estate Present their research proposal. Register for the event if you would like to participate
  • 15-04-2021 / 10:30 - 15-04-2021 / 12:00
  • Online (link via subscription)

During April, the following students will present their theses:

  • Thijs Voulon: The impact of working from home on employee health and productivity
  • Jeroen Looijen: Teleworking during the COVID-19 pandemic; Analyzing the effects on perceived communication and productivity of office workers
  • Jasper Tiemeijer: Assessing stakeholder collaboration: a tool to support inner cities in collaboration initiatives
  • Anoek de Jonge: Critical Infrastructure resilience: increasing efficient decision making
  • Alain Groeneveld: Measuring the effect of tall buildings on housing values within Dutch cities
  • Pim van den Broek: Revenue development of retailers and entrepreneurs in the inner city