SERVICE Alumni is a network for Urban System and Real Estate professionals which graduated from the master track USRE at the TU Eindhoven. The goal of SERVICE Alumni is to offer a sequel to the time you had as a student with study association SERVICE. The starting point is to continue the many friendships and contacts you obtained during your study. SERVICE Alumni aims to offer a digital and physical platform to meet each other and to stay in touch in an accessible way.

Since you don’t pay in euro’s for a membership, we expect you to pay in social capital. This means that you are open to share your knowledge and talent and that you’re willing to think about relevant events. Together, we aim to retain existing contacts and facilitate networking. We hope to see you at one of the future activities!

Have you ever been a USRE or REMD student, but do you not have a SERVICE-account yet? Apply as an alumnus on the website! We also have a LinkedIn real estate alumni group (language is Dutch) that you can join.